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Change the Marketplace Product for something else from the marketplace within an existing campaign without having to rebuild a new campaign from scratch, whilst keeping your settings such as; team assignments, triggered campaign connections, Zapier use cases, and Address Confirmation email templates. This feature applies both to regular campaigns and triggered campaigns.

Important Note:

When you change a product you will lose all saved data related specifically to the products variables. Only fields linked with the product itself will be lost. These include; Gift Notes, Image uploads, drop-down selections, engravement lines etc. - Make sure to note any default messages and save any images, in case you want to reuse them for the new product. You will have to refill these variables within the new product campaign settings.

How to change products:

Within the Campaigns and Triggered Campaign tabs, select the campaign which you would like to update.

This will open the campaign settings and allow you to edit. Select the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner, here you will see a choice to ‘Switch Product’, select this.

You will then be redirected to a view of the marketplace, where you can browse and make a selection for whichever product you would like to add to your campaign to replace the old product with.

Once you have selected your chosen product, you will be returned to the Campaign Settings page. Here, you will need to refill the product variables. You may also want to update the Campaign Name, or Address Confirmation Contents, if necessary, if you included any wording specific to your original product choice.

Once you are happy, simply click ‘Save Campaign’ at the bottom of the page, and you are good to go!

You will now be able to send your campaign using the new product, all pre-existing triggers and zaps will still work, your team allocations will still be connected, and your address confirmation will remain!

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