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Check your Voter Registration Status
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Check your Voter Registration Status

Ensure that county election officials have correctly recorded the status of your political party affiliation, personal information, as well as verification of ballots received for current and past elections.



Political Party Preference

In addition, voters should understand basic rules governing voting laws in California that affect who they may vote for during the Presidential Primary.

Democrat, American Independent, and Libertarian parties allow “No Party Preference ”or “Decline to State” registered voters, to vote for their Primary Election Presidential Candidates. If that is your current status, and you want to vote in one of the listed parties above, you must request a ballot for that specific party from county election officials. 

The Republican, Green, and Peace and Freedom party’s rule differs in that a voter MUST be registered with their party in order to vote for their Presidential Primary Candidate. You CANNOT be registered as a “No Party Preference” or “Decline to State" if you want to vote for a Presidential Primary Election Candidate from one of the listed parties.

Note: A voter who has registered with the “American Independent Party” is registered with an officially recognized political party. It does not mean that the voter is independent of the Republicans, Democrats, or any other party, which is sometimes assumed by voters. "American Independent" registered voters will receive a ballot in the Presidential Primary with the names of the candidates for that party.

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