Teen Talk is intended to be taught in a mixed gender group, comprised of 12 sessions and 43 activities, and designed to be delivered over a minimum of 10 hours. This curricula provides in-depth and detailed information on sexual anatomy and anatomical functions, however, it prematurely introduces children to forms of sexual behavior that are not developmentally appropriate for children in this age group, as it exposes them to practices that are beyond their emotional and physical readiness. It exposes students to the various forms of sexual behavior, which include, oral, vaginal, and anal, and also seeks to teach students about the multiple forms of sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Moreover, the attention given to abortion as one of the possible methods of birth control, the curriculum does not address the emotionally and psychologically damaging short and long-term consequences that this decision this can have upon an individual.

This curricula includes interactive lesson plan activities where student participants learn how to use condoms and seeks to provide adolescent participants with lessons on methods of birth control, with abortion being an option for those individuals desiring to end their pregnancies.

2019 High School Analysis 

Middle School Analysis

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