FLASH curricula is taught in co-ed setting, and introduces sexual orientation and gender identity definitions to students.  In this program, students are given in-class assignments to reflect upon their beliefs, attitudes, and values as it relates to issues of sexual behavior, sexual orientation, and gender identity. 

Although this curriculum seeks to promote a discussion of values, and appears to want to present itself as value-free, this curricula appears to encourage the development of a socially-constructed view of sexuality that stands in direct contrast to Christian values, as it promotes ways students can engage in various forms of sexual behavior, and decide their own sexual orientation.

Students are introduced to oral, vaginal, and anal sex practices along with information on sexual anatomy and anatomical functions of males and females.  Students are also taught about multiple forms of contraception and birth control, which includes emergency contraception being an option for birth control. The curriculum does not address the emotionally and psychologically damaging short and long-term consequences that this decision this can have upon an individual. 

Copyright laws prohibit FLASH from being posted but is available for purchase here: https://www.etr.org/flash/order-now/

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Climate Setting

Lesson 2: Reproductive System

Lesson 3: Pregnancy

Lesson 4: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Lesson 5: Undoing Gender Stereotypes

Lesson 6: Healthy Relationships

Lesson 7: Coercion and Consent

Lesson 8: Online Safety

Lesson 9: Abstinence

Lesson 10: Birth Control Methods

Lesson 11: Preventing HIV and Other STDs

Lesson 12: Condoms to Prevent Pregnancy, HIV and Other STDs

Lesson 13: Testing for HIV and Other STDs

Lesson 14: Communication and Decision-Making

Lesson 15: Improving School Health

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Reproductive System & Pregnancy

Lesson 2: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Lesson 3: Rules of Dating

Lesson 4: Saying No

Lesson 5: Preventing STDs

Lesson 6: Condoms to Prevent HIV and Other STDs

Lesson 7: Birth Control Methods

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