From the earliest days of this country, churches have had a positive impact on society as a whole as well as on the local community. In 2016, the passage of AB 1921 by the California legislature provided another way that churches can have a positive impact and serve their congregation as well as their local community.

California law has long provided the opportunity for voters to have a family member or a household member return their vote-by-mail ballots (sometimes called Absentee Ballots), to the polling place on Election Day. AB 1921 has removed the restriction that only family or household members can return vote-by-mail ballots. AB 1921 permits anyone designated by the voter to return the ballot.

As most of us know, many people find it difficult to get to the polling place on Election Day. Those who vote by mail sometimes are busy and forget to return their ballot to election officials prior to the deadline. Still others are unable to leave home to vote due to health, transportation, or even weather issues. Ballot collection as a church would be a helpful solution for churchgoers.

Low voter turnout among professing Christians is also a significant problem that impacts local as well as state and national elections and, thus, the laws that are passed. And because pastors desire to see their community adhere to and practice biblical values, including the privilege of voting, the passage of AB 1921 provides a solution.

The low election turnout problem can be addressed by churches getting involved in the secure collection and return of ballots for those who find that service convenient. A greater election turnout by Christian voters has the potential to impact election results in a direction supportive of the biblical principles we hold dear.

The following information from Real Impact can be used to implement your church ballot collection activities for the 2020 Primary Election in March and the General Election in November.

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Ballot Collection Booklet

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