Author: Heather Corinna
(recommended age: 12+)

It is no secret that young people in America are faced with temptations that we as parents never imagined. Social media has opened the door to more knowledge than we ever thought possible - at a fevered pitch. What’s more, our culture has convinced the next generation that judgement in any form is evil, and values are in the eyes of the beholder. (My values might not be your values, and both of us are inherently right.) How can that be possible? Our children are bowing to the demands of the created rather than bowing in awe of their holy Creator. It’s no wonder that our next generation has supplanted absolute truth with the lie of political correctness.

Corinna’s “sexuality guide” is a perfect example of what we as Christ-followers should emphatically oppose. It is exactly how we DON’T want our children to view sex. The first sentence of the first chapter invites the reader to “make a bold choice: to envision, create and stand up for a healthy, happy, and satisfying sexual life that you make and live exactly to fit and benefit the unique person you are and anyone else you decide to share it with. I’m talking about a sexual life and sexuality that are all yours and that come from who you are and what you want, not one based on scripts, standards, or ideals that someone else - often someone who’s never even met you- came up with.” This author is blatantly convincing our children to ignore parental wisdom, forgo Scripture, ignore the idea of absolute values altogether, and seek the sexual experience for the sole purpose of personal gratification. I see little difference between the author’s idea of sexuality and that of a common animal. She goes on to encourage readers (as young as twelve years old) to make sexual choices, choose sex partners, and plan sexual activities that are solely dependent on what they feel like at a given moment.

On page 12, Corinna states, “…information is a lot less biased than it was even just a few decades ago… even though the ever-changing values of our world add extra complications and confusion…” She goes on to explicitly contradict biblical values by encouraging these ideas:

  • Abstinence and/or sex with just one partner is biased, judgmental, and outdated (chapter 1)
  • Gender identity is fluid, both between individuals and within one individual over time. Children are basically told to anticipate and embrace their own homosexuality.
  • Homosexuality as a normal, perfectly acceptable, healthy choice.
  • Deviant sexual behavior as the norm (bondage, sadomasochism, fisting, anal sex, sex toys, blood play, etc.).
  • Multiple partners and anal sex are both perfectly safe and fun.
  • What feels good and is fun should drive sexual decisions.
  • Values and traditions are biased, outdated, confusing, and unnecessary.

Our children already belong to a culture that considers commitment to be an outdated institution- much less marriage. It is my advice that we listen to the Creator of our miraculous bodies. He wants us to experience authentic love and satisfaction, rather than the regret, disease, isolation, and shame that are the real result of acting as animals instead of behaving as His children. He wants what is best for our children, and we must fight to keep them within the precious limits of His blessing.

S.E.X.: The-all-you-need-to-know Sexuality Guide to get you Through your Teens and Twenties

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.”- C.S. Lewis

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