Author: Cheryl Kilodavis
(recommended age: 4+)

Many parents discourage their children from bringing special belongings to school - belongings that parents generally understand do not belong in a school environment. Sometimes parents enlist the teacher's help when the separation is particularly difficult. They understand that it is a natural, though sometimes difficult, part of growing up. Separation anxiety is inevitably followed by a sense of pride when they make it through a tearless day without the beloved item. By the end of the week, the child has inevitably conquered their first step of many on the road to growing up. Objects of separation anxiety often include blankets, favorite stuffed toys, even thick sweatshirts on hundred-degree days. My Princess Boy is written by a mother whose son wanted to wear a dress to school.

The beautiful front cover of the book depicts a carefree child, dancing in a dress and wearing a crown. Inside the front cover is a large and colorful dedication: “To all the Princess Boys in the world: you are loved. Thank you for teaching us how to appreciate your uniqueness.”

The entire book is a description of a boy who is adored by his family. There is no setting or character development, no particularly memorable passages. It doesn’t take long for the reader to find that it is simply propaganda about cross-dressing. “His dad tells my Princess Boy how pretty he looks in a dress. His dad holds his hand and tells him to twirl!” (Page 6) It is clear on each page that this family encourages behavior that we as Christians are called to condemn (Deuteronomy 22:5).

As Christ-followers, we are to love this boy and others like him. We are doing him an eternal disservice, however, if we ignore the gravity of his choices. This mother has every right to write her book. Aggressive transgender activists, however, along with our supposed government representatives, have NO right to introduce this book to California elementary school classrooms when it clearly is in opposition to the biblical values of many families. And do not underestimate the power of peer pressure - your child will not return home unscathed.

As parents, grandparents, and caregivers we MUST push back in the face of such pressure. We are commanded in scripture to abstain from such behavior. Allowing transgender activists to proselytize their beliefs to the most vulnerable among us is an abomination to the Lord.

My Princess Boy - A mom’s story about a young boy who loves to dress up


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