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Celebrate Your Body (and its changes, too!) - The Ultimate Puberty Book for Girls
Celebrate Your Body (and its changes, too!) - The Ultimate Puberty Book for Girls

Book Review by Real Impact

Written by Victoria Simpson
Updated over a week ago

Author: Sonya Renee Taylor
(recommended age: 8+)

Celebrate Your Body has the initial feel of a youthful, harmless resource for girls to peruse while searching for answers to common questions about their bodies during adolescence. Every young girl has burning questions about what to expect during the coming transition.

Taylor’s table of contents contains topics that are appealing to any girl: “Your Changing Body,” “Breasts and Bras,” “Your Period,” etc. The author addresses some of these issues quite well.

Unfortunately, a closer look reveals the LGBTQ-affirming agenda that is found in every resource from the Healthy Youth Act Curriculum. Sonya Taylor clearly intends for her reader to embrace “Radical Self-Love” (page 159), and to encourage each to discover her own sexual orientation: “…there is no such thing as a ‘real’ girl. If you feel like a girl, you are a girl!” In her introduction, Taylor encourages her reader to “swap out ‘girl’ for any word that feels good for you and your body. If you have questions about your gender, check out the amazing resources in the back of this book…”

Let’s take a closer look at the first four “amazing” resources:

Warning for parents: Every one of these resources are highly biased toward the LGBTQ lifestyle, and overtly encourage cross-dressing and other transgender behavior:

From a Christian perspective, this is a particularly dangerous website. The well-animated, short videos with provocative content are a dangerously deceptive invitation for a young audience. These short cartoons openly invite children to:

  1. participate in sex at 13 (hiding it from your parents, of course)

  2. obtain birth control pills without a prescription (and get $75 for it) 

  3. reconsider their sexuality, while adopting a gender-fluid perspective 

  4. respect the fact that others might have different beliefs about pregnancy (and all ideas should be embraced)

This extremely child-friendly website has over 33 million views!

Another recommended resource for her readers is called Below Your Belt; How to be Queen of Your Pelvic Region.

We admonish you to take your parental responsibility very seriously. You simply cannot assume that those in charge will influence our children with values that are even close to biblical. The desires and practices of the flesh are in direct opposition to the Spirit. We must stand up to those who are handing our children these horrific, ungodly resources. We must not allow our children to lose their innocence at such a young age- much less define themselves by their sexuality. 

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