Biblical Principles for Political Engagement - by Family Research Council

Do Christians have a moral or biblical obligation to participate in politics? Is there a distinctively Christian way to engage the political process? Do Christians have a duty to vote, and if so, what principles should inform believers when they cast their ballot?


Preach the Whole Truth Except if it Offends - by Shane Idleman 

Shane explains the responsibility pastors have to preach the full truth of the Bible in the midst of a world that has culturally, politically, and morally, strayed far from righteousness.


A Legal Guide For Churches: Five Things To Know - by Alliance Defending Freedom

This guide was created to help you navigate the laws surrounding tax exempt status for churches. It will equip you to identify what pastors and churches should be aware of before speaking about political issues, supporting a candidate or legislation, engaging in voter education, allowing church facilities to be used for “political” purposes, giving money to a campaign, and more.


Why Believers Should Be Involved In Politics Bible Study - by Capitol Ministries

This study encourages believers to make a difference for Christ through political systems. It uses Bible passages, facts, and history to answer the big questions people have regarding politics and faith. Capitol Ministries is a great organization equipping and reaching those involved in politics. To subscribe to their email list for resources and updates, you can go to their website and scroll to their sign up section at the bottom of their homepage:


Five Reasons to Oppose Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide - by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Laws permitting assisted death give doctors (and nurse practitioners in Canada) the right to cause a person’s death. Society should never allow one person to legally kill another. There are many reasons to oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide (also known as assisted death). This article focuses on five key reasons.

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