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Founder & President of A Voice for Advocacy

Christina Hildebrand is the founder and President of A Voice for Choice Advocacy, which is a professional grassroots-based organization that educates, advocates and empowers people to be fully informed about their health rights, with respect to informed choice, transparency and privacy, including the composition, quality, and short- and long-term health effects of all products that go into people’s bodies, such as food, water, air, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Christina has conducted over 20,000 hours of research on vaccines, GMOs, EMF, Pesticides and much more, including consulting with many leading researchers in these fields, in a quest to understand the reality rather than the hype. With the growth of the Big Ag and Big pHARMa’s influences on US politics, Christina realized that she needed to take this to a different level and formed two non-profits to educate the masses on their right to informed choice and transparency. Over the past 8 years, A Voice for Choice Advocacy has established themselves as the leading legislative organization lobbying in the Sacramento Capitol for your health rights. They have taken position on vaccine legislation since 2015, including SB277, SB276, SB714, as well as the 10 bad bills of 2022. They were able to defeat SB18, the Children’s Bill of Rights, and got significant amendments to AB992 to allow parents to opt out of vaccines during home visits without discrimination. A Voice for Choice Advocacy also worked with Assembly member Cristina Garcia to author and get AB1989, The Menstrual Products Right to Know Act, enacted into law in 2020, and this year have sponsored SB499 the Cool Schools Act. She is hear today to share what we can and must do to stop the School HPV vaccine mandates.

Executive Director, Real Impact

Gina has been the ministry leader of Real Impact for over 13 years. The primary focus of Real Impact is to educate, equip, and encourage Christians to take a stand on the important cultural issues. The emphasis is on alerting the Christians about local community policies, state and federal legislation, providing and creating election resources. Her work includes helping churches establish and organize similar church ministries, which includes hosting online web trainings. Most recently, Gina began hosting the monthly Real Impact Townhall podcast and has interviewed numerous influential guests.

Gina has also been the leader of several California state-wide initiatives. Most recently, the campaign to defeat Proposition 1 on the November 2022 ballot. This constitutional amendment enshrines a woman’s right to late-term abortion.

Married for over 45 years, Gina and her husband John have been blessed with three children and six grandchildren.

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