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Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum
Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum

Being used already in certain districts in CA, this curriculum holds dangerous ideology of Critical Race Theory.

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What is Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum?

LESMC is a model curriculum that could be used for the ethnic studies requirement of high schoolers in California. According to the LESMC website, the purpose of the LESMC is "to promote the advancement and implementation of well designed Ethnic Studies courses and programs for the purpose of advancing students’ academic achievement, educational equity, community activist scholarship, and community leadership skills". But this is anything but a well-designed curriculum.

The website clearly states that they are implementing CRT where they can, even giving training to teachers in how to implement CRT. The image below is for a training they have held on this very topic. Below the image, you can find a link that takes you to the LESMC website.

LESMC image on training educators to teach CRT in K-12 classrooms

The Model Curriculum

Here, we have linked every chapter that the LESMC has released on their model curriculum.

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