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A.B. 2223
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(formerly known as the "Infanticide Bill")



AUTHORS: Wicks (A)

SUMMARY: Formerly, A.B. 2223 was known as the "Infanticide Bill" as it would have legalized infanticide in California. Recently, A.B. 2223 was amended from shielding a mother from criminal charges in the case of “perinatal death due to a pregnancy-related cause” ("perinatal” can be defined as a number of weeks after birth) to now stating “perinatal death due to a cause that occurred in utero.” This means that a mother and anyone assisting her can be shielded from civil or criminal charges for the death of her newborn baby if that death was a result of something that took place while the baby was still in the womb without proving that the death is the result of something that took place within the womb. While the amendment may have made the bill less dangerous, A.B. 2223 is far from being supportable. A.B. 2223 in its entirety puts babies and women at high risk of injury and abuse, all in the name of “women’s healthcare.” (To learn more, click here)

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STATUS: Approved by the Governor and chaptered by the Secretary of State


Approved by the Governor 9/27/2022

Passed in CA Assembly 8/30/22

Passed in CA Senate Floor vote 8/29/22

Placed in CA Senate Suspense File 8/1/22

Passed in CA Senate Health Committee 6/30/22

Passed in the CA Senate Judiciary Committee 6/14/22

Referred to the CA Senate Judiciary, Health, and Public Safety Committee.

Passed in CA Assembly floor vote 5/26/22

Amended 5/19/22

Passed in the CA Assembly Appropriations Committee/Suspense File Hearing 5/19/22

Passed in CA Assembly Health Committee 4/19/22

Passed in CA Assembly Judiciary Committee 4/5/22

Referred to Judiciary and Health Committee 3/17/22

Introduced 2/15/22


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