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AB 665 will be heard and voted on in the Senate ANY DAY NOW. The majority of the California state senators have not yet heard about this bill. Here are a few ways you can take action to OPPOSE AB 665.

ACTION STEP 1: Click the button below to find your California state senator and call him or her about AB 665. Alert him or her to the dangers of AB 665 and then ask your CA state senator to vote "No" on AB 665 when the time comes.

Phone Script: Hello, my name is (First and Last name) and I live in your California state senate district. I am calling to urge a “No” vote on AB 665. This bill will remove the requirement for a professional person to notify parents that their child will be taken from them and placed in a residential shelter. Children as young as 12 years-old will be able to be removed from their parents' home without any notification or warning, to the parents or local law enforcement. This is state-sanctioned kidnapping. Please vote “No” on AB 665.

ACTION STEP 2: Email your California state senator and urge them to vote "No" on AB 665.

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