The all-in fixed rate is the only way to truly know what an electricity plan will cost you over the contract life. It is the total dollars spent over the entire contract life divided by the total kWhs used over the entire contract life. This number will tell you all you need to's just a lot of work to get that number. But don't worry, that's what our search does automatically.

How is this different than the Electricity Facts Label?

The 500, 1000, and 2000 rates on the Electricity Facts Label are indicative of the cost of a plan, but can be misleading and should not be trusted - click here for more info on why.

Example all-in fixed-rate calculations

As shown below, each month has a different all-in rate because each month consists of fixed and variable electricity costs. The less usage you have in a given month, the higher all-in rate. More usage in a given month will result in a lower all-in rate. But what matters most is the all-in rate over the entire contract term. That is what our search result returns.

What IS included in our all-in rate calculation?

Monthly energy fees or base charges (if applicable)

Monthly energy credits (if applicable)

Energy rate

Transmission / TDU / TDSP monthly fixed fees

Transmission / TDU / TDSP rate

What IS NOT included in our all-in rate calculation?

Sales taxes - these are a tiny portion of your monthly bill and they constantly changing. Many electricity providers already build them into their costs anyway.

Real Simple Energy monthly fee

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