Real Simple Energy has consolidated billing. This method ensures your bill is accurate, the same no matter which provider you are with, and helps to avoid late fees charged (gotcha fees) charged by energy providers. Here's how it works:

  1. Your electricity provider issues your bill

  2. We receive and review for accuracy.  Bills are wrong all of the time and are the number one complaint by consumers at the public utility commission.

  3. If correct, we issue a streamlined Real Simple Energy statement.  The first page is our summary and the following pages are the exact pages from your electricity provider. Fixed Rate customers: your bill will look like this. Fixed Bill customers: your bill will look like this.

  4. If incorrect, we will work with the electricity provider and resolve the matter.  

  5. Real Simple Energy pays your electricity provider on the bill due date.

  6. The day after payment is due to the electricity provider, Real Simple Energy will charge your card or bank account on file via auto-pay.  

  7. If we are not able to collect funds we will follow up with you immediately via email and/or text and attempt to resolve before the energy provider's due date.

The idea behind our service is that you never have to think about this stuff again.


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