In our opinion, no, the rating does not matter

We get this question a lot and the answer is a matter of opinion.  So we'll take a stand and say the rating of an electricity does not matter when you sign-up with Real Simple Energy.  

Retail energy providers are notorious for bad customer service, poor billing practices, and terrible online user interfaces.  This is why they get a bad rating most often.  But, when you are a customer of Real Simple Energy we take over the entire customer service process.  If you have a service question, billing question, moving question, call us, not your provider.  We stand in the middle and  act as your agent and advocate.

Power is the same no matter which provider it comes from

What is important to understand is that once you are with a provider, any provider, and they have notified the power grid (ERCOT) that you need service, the responsibility for getting power to your home lies with your transmission and  distribution provider (TDSP), which in Houston is Centerpoint and in DFW area is Oncor.  The responsibility to repair wires near your home or get power back on in the event of an outage is with the TDSP, not your energy provider.  

Bottom line, the transaction with the energy provider is just a financial one and exists so that you can get a better price on the power you pay for.  That is what Real Simple Energy does best and we hope to provider great customer service along with a great deal!

If you have an outage or want to report one, see this page:

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