First thing's first - Real Simple Energy is not an electricity provider.  We are an independent agent working between our customers and electricity providers to provide simple products and services designed to save you time and money, and offer customers price certainty.

This is not average billing or budget billing!!!

If you've ever been on average billing with a provider you have probably experienced them coming back wanting to adjust your average bill higher.  If you don't agree to it you owe them a bunch of money.  With Real Simple Energy's Fixed Bill - that will never happen.  Your price is locked in for 12 months and there will be no surprises, promise. For example, if we quote you $67 then every time your bill shows up it's going to be $67.00.  No other fees, surprises, or gimmicks.  Nothing to worry about.

How do we offer a fixed price as an independent third party?

How long is my Fixed Bill price locked in?

12-months.  Shortly before your original term expires, we'll offer a new 12-month fixed bill contract.  Think of it like auto insurance that renews every 12 months. 

Does Fixed Bill include all transmission and distribution (delivery) charges?

Yes.  There will be no surprise bills.  If your Fixed Bill quote is $67 when your bill shows up each month it will be $67.00.

Why did you put me on a traditional plan with the electricity provider?

Electricity providers have never offered competitively priced fixed bill products.  For us to provide this service, we enroll you on a traditional electricity plan and any difference between what your bill is each month with the provider is matched by Real Simple Energy.  For example: if your Fixed Bill contract amount with Real Simple Energy is $67/month and the bill with your provider is $70 one month, you will still pay us $67 and we will pay the provider $70.  It works similarly if your bill is lower than $67.  Fixed Bill provides price certainty and is custom priced for YOU.

Does the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) matter on your fixed bill product?

Not for your billing or cost purposes. 

How is custom price determined?

Your custom Fixed Bill price is a combination of your actual or estimated historical electricity usage and incredibly cheap electricity rates.  Your fixed bill renewal price is determined the same way. It's our secret sauce!

How are cash rewards earned and paid out?

If you use less energy than we originally estimated then you can earn up to 20% cash back when you sign up for a new 12-month fixed bill contract with us.  Here are more details on how the Fixed Bill cash back is determined.

What if I have to cancel this plan early?

If you are moving homes then providers will not charge an early termination fee if you submit proof of your move.  If this happens, we'll handle all of this for you.

If you cancel because you don't like the product, the fee is $20 for each month remaining on your 12-month contract.

Will you ever change my Fixed Bill price during my contract?  

If you submitted truthful answers when filling out our questionnaire on historical usage and home characteristics, then no.  If we determine your answers were not factual (ex. you said you live in a studio apartment but it's really a 3-bedroom, then Real Simple Energy reserves the right to change your price within 60 days of service starting per our Disclaimer during sign up.  

Here's an excerpt from our Disclaimer: Real Simple Energy reserves the right to amend the Fixed Bill price within 60 days after service starts if (i) your reported usage and/or answers to the previous questions are untrue or (ii) if actual historical usage materially exceeds our estimate.

How will my Fixed Bill renewal price be determined?

For more details please visit this article.

Fixed Bill seems to good to be true.  Is it? 

No.  This is the future of buying electricity for your home.  We do the hard work behind the scenes and you are offered the most transparent and predictable electricity product on the planet.

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