In short, if you are on our fixed bill product and you use less energy than expected over the course of your 12-month contract you will receive up to 20% cash back when you renew with Real Simple Energy.

It is important to realize this calculation is cumulative for your entire 12-month contract term.  If you use less than expected in one month but use more than expected in the next month, then the cash-back is calculated on the actual vs expected usage for both months combined.  

Here is an example of how that under/over usage looks in chart form:

Here is the same example of under/over usage in table form:

Each month our Fixed Bill customers see how they are tracking and get an estimate of the cash back they are expected to earn at the end of their 12-month term.  

How is cash back paid out?

Cash back will be credited to the first bill of your next Fixed Bill contract or your Fixed Rate service.

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