With Realla's new reverse matching feature, you can instantly see who within your database of requirements your new instruction could be suitable for!

If you've taken the time to log and store all your represented and unrepresented requirements in Realla, you have a powerful database of demand in the market. 

When you bring a new building to market, you can now see all matching requirements and with a few clicks, send a targeted email campaign communicating a new match to there requirement. 

To access the new reverse matching feature, simply do the following:

  • Within the disposal, you will notice a new section called requirements displaying the number of matched requirements stored within your database
  • Clicking on requirements displays all requirements that match this building
  • These requirements have been matched by the Realla matching software and are a direct match to this building. 
  • All you have to do is choose which requirements you want to send an email campaign to and when ready, click share
  • You can now send a targeted email campaign communicating a new match to their existing requirement!
  • You can then use the email campaign tracking tools to see who has opened your email and who has clicked on the button to the microsite. Use these stats to gauge your follow up!

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