Why you would need this:

This will allow you to build your investment portfolio by adding one of your properties. This will kickstart your path to organization by automatically creating Reminders, Images, and more as well as giving you a central location to store information and track this property’s performance.

What you will need:

Information about the property you wish to add. This information can be found within the following documents:

  • Original property advertisement and/or appraisal report

  • Pro-Forma

  • Recurring fee documentation (ex. HOA fees, taxes, insurance, other expenses)

  • Property summary from developer

  • HUD-1 settlement statement

  • Mortgage amounts and terms

Step 1: Open Property Wizard

  • Within the RealNumberz left-hand navigation, click on Investments and then Real Estate

  • On the Property List page, click the + Add Property button in the bottom-right corner


Step 2: Complete Property Wizard

  • Enter basic information about the property and click Next

  • Enter purchase details of property acquisition and click Next

  • Enter recurring payments including expected monthly rent and expenses then click Finish

Step 3: View Property Page

  • The Property Wizard will automatically create underlying documents such as Reminders, Rehabs, Images, etc.

  • Once the property has been created, you will be brought to the Property Page of the newly added asset

  • From here, you can view current performance and information about the property as well as add new information (transactions, documents, etc.)

What you can do next:

  • Change Property Image

  • Add LedgerItems

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