- What happens if I choose TikTok as a store?
We will make your music available to add on any TikTok post 😊

- I want my music to be available on TikTok, what do I have to do?
For new releases, just make sure to choose a store package that includes TikTok.

If you choose not to opt-out, all releases published before March 17 2020 will automatically be available on TikTok in the end of April (at no extra cost).

- When will I be able to add my track on a TikTok post?
It's hard to give an exact date right now, since TikTok needs to process your release at their end as well. However, we'll start the deliveries in the end of March, so our estimate right now is end of April.

- Will I earn any royalties?
Yes, we will report back the usage on these services just like with any other store or music service.

- Why is only part of my track playing? Can I change the part of the track that TikTok is playing?
TikTok selects a section of your track (approx. 60 seconds) that will play when it is used in a video. This process is done automatically by TikTok and the part of the song that plays is not something that can be edited or changed.

However, if you are adding your track to a 15 second video, you can use TikTok's Trim function to choose the starting point of the selected section. The trim button is in the row of icons that run along the right side of the screen.

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