With Artist Unlimited you will be well prepared for the modern music industry: release often and analyze the performance data to see what your fans like. And release again.

Plan price: starting at $4.99/month

Unlimited releases – saves you money after the second release

With Artist Unlimited you can release again, and again, and again. And upload as many tracks as you wish. All for a fixed monthly price. Compared to our Pay Per Release plan you save money after the second release.

1 week delivery and best-in-class customer service

We take great pride in our deliveries and we work hard to ensure the highest standards possible. We review every release and every track before we deliver, to make sure that releases comply with the guidelines set up by the music services. Becoming a Spotify Preferred Partner and scoring among the best in Apple’s metadata evaluation are some of the results of our hard work.

What’s in it for artists?

  • Instant access to Spotify for Artists

  • Correct Spotify and Apple artist pages

  • 1 week delivery to the most popular music services

All our streaming and download services are included

With Artist Unlimited, you get your music worldwide. Included are not only the services we currently deliver to but also the ones we add in the future.

Music services we currently deliver to

  • Spotify

  • Apple Music

  • YouTube Music

  • iTunes


  • Amazon Music

  • 7digital

  • Pandora

  • Napster

  • Deezer

  • Anghami

  • Juno Download

  • Beatport

Get your music on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms

For an additional $1.99/month you can activate our Social Media Bundle. Included in this bundle are social media platforms that offer their users features for including music in video posts.

Included are not only the platforms we currently deliver to but also the ones we add in the future.

Included in the Social Media Bundle

  • TikTok

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Shazam

Up to 3 main artists

With Artists Unlimited your releases can include up to 3 main artists on release level in total. Release level in this context refers to the product (ie album, EP, and single). You can include as many artists as you wish on the tracks.

“3 main artists” is the equivalent of one band, one solo artist, and a side project. If you realize that you need more main artists, you can upgrade to the Label Unlimited plan which unlocks up to 10 main artist slots.

Royalty earnings

When your music is streamed or downloaded from any of our music services, you earn money – or royalties. At the end of each month, the royalties generated during the reported sales period will be added to your Record Union balance.

Royalty share

Included in all our plans is an 85% royalty share. That means that you keep 85% of the earnings generated by your music every month. For an additional $4.99/month you can upgrade your royalty share to 92.5%.

Cancel plan

You can cancel your plan at any time. Releases distributed to music services will still be available for streaming and downloading. When the plan is canceled, you will not earn any money from royalties generated after the cancellation and you will not be able to publish new releases.

When canceling the plan, your subscription will end on the last day of your recurring period (1 month after your last payment.)

Reactivate plan

You can reactivate a canceled plan. Once the plan is reactivated you will earn money from royalties generated after the reactivation.

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