To create a pre-save link (so your fans can save a track to their Spotify library before its released), there are many services online that offer this service, as well as gather info and data about your fans for you, plus a whole range of other services - depending on how much you want to spend!

Paid Pre-Save

There are various paid services online where you can create your Spotify pre-save link but they require more information in order to create a pre-save landing page. From example, some may ask for the ‘Spotify Product ID’. This is a section of the Spotify URI, which we can send to you provide once the release has been reviewed and delivered by the content team.

Please get in touch with our support team to request your album URI. (Include the UPC for your release in your message for faster processing.)

Once you’ve entered these details, you can also add an artist image, social media links and customise the page to find your style.

Free Pre-Save

If you don't want to pay to create a pre-save, you can sign up for a free account with who will allow you to generate basic pre-saves for no cost but this requires you to wait for your release to be delivered and then contact our support team to get your release Spotify Product ID which you need to manually create your presave link.

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you can add your artist info and then create a presave for your new release. You can enter the release UPC and select the release date and optionally add a preview image - that's it!

Apple Pre-Add

Apple Music users can pre-add a track from an upcoming release in much the same way as Spotify users can pre-save. However, it is only possible for a track that is part of a multi-track release and it isn't currently possible to indicate that you want a track available for pre-add when uploading. Therefore if you would like a track from a forthcoming release to be available for pre-add, please reach out to the support team with the UPC and the track title after you've completed the upload.

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