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How to Login to Your Redii Program
How to Login to Your Redii Program

All you need to know to get started!

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First things first, you will need to login to your Redii Recognition and Rewards Program to start recognising your colleagues!

To get started, follow the steps below: 

  1. Type into your web URL, adding your unique program subdomain into the URL
    If you don't know your url reach out to our support team or your HR department

  2. This will bring up a sign-in page prompting you to login using your email address and password. Enter your details here. See the example image below.

  3. Don't forget to click 'remember me', so that you won't have to type in your email and password every time!

  4. Click 'Sign in' and you will be logged into your program - easy peasy!

If you have any questions please email

Please note if your company utilises single sign on, your login will differ from the above. 

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