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Everything you need to know about adding Emojis to Recognition

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There are currently two ways that you can add emojis to Recognition; firstly, you can do so in the Recognition message that you send to a colleague, or as a reaction to Recognition that is displayed on the public Recognition Wall.

When sending a recognition award, you can add an emoji to the message description. Here's how...

  1. Once logged into your Redii Program, click on 'Recognise Someone' at the top right corner of the screen and then select the award that you would like to send. (Or if you are on the home page, from here you can simply choose the Award you would like to send).

  2. Now you can select the person/people you would like to send recognition to by typing their name into the search box.

  3. Type the message that you would like to appear with this recognition Award. Here you can add emojis to have some fun and supplement your message!

If you would like to comment on, or react to, a colleague's recognition that appears on the Recognition Wall, you can do so by following the instructions below:

  1. Click the 'Add Comment' button that appears on the recognition post that you would like to respond to.

  2. Then, a box will appear where you can add a message and/or emoji. You will see the emoji icon in the top right corner of the box - click here to add!

  3. When complete, click the 'post' button to make your reaction visible on the Recognition Wall.

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