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What is a 'Thank You' award and how do I send one?
What is a 'Thank You' award and how do I send one?

How do I recognise someone with a thank you award?

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A 'Thank you' or 'Shout out' Award allows you to recognise a colleague for a job well done, their helping hand or anything else they deserve to be praised for. They are the perfect way to let that person (and everyone else) know you appreciate them and can be sent instantly.
Thank you or Shout out awards have no points attached to them and there is no limit to the number of recognitions you can send.

  1. In your Program, click on RECOGNISE SOMEONE

  2. Click on the 'Thank you' Award that is relevant to your Program.

  3. Select the person you wish to thank by typing their name and selecting them, and click Next.

  4. Write your thank you message in the box "Good recognition is specific, what did they do?"

  5. Select the values which apply to the thank you.

  6. When you have finished, click SEND.

Your message will be instantly sent to their inbox and posted on the RECOGNITION WALL so others can ‘like’ and ‘comment’ also!

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