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How do I recognise someone with points?
How do I recognise someone with points?

Can I send points to my peers?

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Depending on your program set up, you may be allocated points to use for instant recognition - for example, when a great job deserves an instant reward.
To send points:

  1. On your platform home page, click on RECOGNISE SOMEONE, or simply click on the award you wish to recognise with

  2. Type the name of the user you wish to recognise and select them from the list by clicking their name and click "Next, write a message"

  3. Then write your recognition message in the box

  4. Select the relevant values/behaviours if they apply

  5. Select the number of points you wish to send

  6. Click SEND to send the recognition message along with the points - they will be notified by email instantly

Please note, Peer to Peer Allocation needs to be set up as part of your program (and also varies per award/recognition) for you to be able to recognise someone with points. If you are unsure if this is the case, please contact your Program Administrator who will be able to clarify. If you do not know who your Program Admin is, please contact your People and Culture team who can point you in the right direction.

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