We're fully committed to building a service that you love. If, for whatever reason, you're dissatisfied with Reel Unlimited, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our live chat within 7 days of your subscription payment to receive a full refund.

However, there is generally no obligation for us to provide a refund, and don't provide a refund in the following situation:

  1. If you ask for a refund more than 7 days after your first payment.

  2. Because of inactivity on your account, if you don't expect to be in need to submit new tasks, you can cancel your subscription.

  3. You get more than 2 tasks completed in the 7 days following your payment.

  4. You have changed your mind about your subscription;

  5. You subscribed by mistake;

  6. You do not have sufficient expertise to create briefs or collaborate with designers.

  7. You can no longer work with one or any of your dedicated designers because they have been removed from Reel Unlimited.

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