At this point, you should already have an Reepay test or live account. If you do not have an account, please sign up.

Sign Up

You can sign up for an free account here. You can afterwards convert it to a live Reepay account.  

Installation and Configuration

See this video and follow this steps below:

1. Install the plugin to your Wordpress admin. Log in to your Wordpress and click PluginsAdd NewSearch for Reepay Install the official plugin called "Official Reepay Checkout Gateway".

2. Click Activate Plugin.

3. Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Payments → Reepay Checkout.

4. Choose a title to be shown on the checkout page. For example: Online Payment.

5. Choose a description to be shown on the checkout page: For example: Secure payment with Reepay.

6. Insert you Private live and test keys. You can find these in your Reepay Administration. Open a new tab and sign in here: 

Go to your live account and click DevelopersAPI credentials → Click Generate New under Private API Keys → Copy the key and paste it in WooCommerce under Private key.

Optional: If you have a test account, you can also paste in your test Private API key and which between live and test mode. This key should be pasted in WooCommerce under Private key Test.

7. Choose your preferred display mode of the payment window.

8. Mark your Payment method icons. Only mark the payment methods, you have activated in Reepay.

9. Click Save changes.

10. Copy the Webhook URL and paste it into Developers → Webhooks → Configuration → Add URL and click Save. 

Show your logo in the payment window

Optional: Go in to your Reepay Administration. Click ConfigurationCheckoutDefault ConfigurationEdit → Scroll down and Upload a logo from your computerUpdate Configuration.

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