Create your first Report in a few steps

  • Make sure your are in the "Reports" section, then click on "Create report" 

  • Choose a Folder under which you want to create your Report and click on "Next step" 

  • Choose a name for your Report and hit  "Please select a View" to set a default Data Source for your Report 

  • Pick the Data Source of your choice (you'll be able to pick another one later)

  • Leave "Last 28 days" or set another Date Range (you'll be able  to pick another one late)

  • If you go ahead with another Date Ranger, here's what it will look like:

  • Choose a format among Presentation, Dashboard and Email or set a custom dimension and hit "Create report"

About the inheritance principle

Thanks to the inheritance principle of Reeport, all the Widgets created in your Report will, by default, inherit the Data Source, Date Range, and Conditions from your Report.

Note that, however, you will still be able to override this by setting a custom Data Source and Date Range for every Section, Page, Widget and even Metric of your Report.

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