Reeport in short

  • Reeport is a Data Experience Platform whose goal is to make relevant data readily available across your organization.

  • Reeport is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) which connects via APIs to databases such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Youtube, etc.

  • Reeport allows Marketing teams to explore their multiple data source (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Youtube, etc.) through a user-friendly and visual interface without risking to alter the database.

  • Reeport’s architecture is Python-based.

  • All connections to Reeport’s servers are SSL-encrypted

  • Reeport does not host your data*, only the overall dashboards’ configuration (titles, charts settings, etc.)

*Unless you specifically and explicitly choose to manually upload a CSV file to Reeport, we do not host your data.

Reeport application architecture overview

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