Finding where Dimensions and Metrics are used in Reeport

For every data Widget you create, you have to define at least one Metric. Optionally, you will be able to use several Metrics and even use one or several Dimensions.

To do so, select your Widget (with a simple click on it) and use the settings menu located on the right-hand side. There, hit the Data tab (1), and use both the Dimensions (2) and Metrics (3) fields.

Learning what Dimensions are and how to use them

A Dimension is a way to look at the data through a certain angle. Depending on what’s available in your Data Source, a Dimension could be “Date”, “Country”, or “Device Type” for instance.

Cross-API Dimensions

We’ve built a few Cross-API Dimensions such as “Date”, “Week”, “Month”, and “Year” and make it dead easy for you to reconcile data from separate Data Sources, e.g., Google and Facebook.    


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