This article helps you to:

  • Understand the types of data sources
  • Add a new Data Source


You may create a Data Source in 2 ways:

  • From the header 
  • From the Data Source side panel 

How does it work?

From the main page you can:

  • Add a Data Source
  • Edit a Data Source
  • Delete a Data Source
  • Filter your Data Sources

To create a Data Source:

  1. Click on the “Create data source” button
  2. Choose your Data Source
  3. According to your Data Source follow the steps to connect an account and add your first View.
  4. If you had opened the Data Source editor from the side panel you can hit the Refresh button to update your changes.

Don't forget to enable Pop-ups

For a few Data Sources, make sure to enable your pop-ups to be able to authorize your account.

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