The Viewer mode allows anyone (with the sufficient access rights) to view, download, and interact with reports and dashboards online.

Accessing the Viewer mode

  • First, as you land on Reeport, click on any existing report (1)

  • Once at the Report level, hover over any page and click on “Open” (1)

  • From the top-right corner, click on “Viewer mode” (1)

About the Viewer mode architecture

  1. Nav bar: navigate across Pages and download what you see as a PDF, PPT, XLS or CSV

  2. Date picker: select any Date Range

  3. Dynamic filters (set by the person who built the Report): slice and dice what you see to better understand your numbers

  4. Widgets area: this is where you visualize your numbers

About the Date Picker and Dynamic Filters

The Date Picker and Dynamic Filters do not always apply to the widgets you see depending on how the report was built.

Widgets with a small yellow lock on their top-right corner have a locked Date Range which won’t be affected by the Date Picker.

When using a Dynamic Filter, note that Widgets which don’t reload are simply not affected by the Dynamic Filter.

Viewer mode main features

With the Viewer mode you can:

  • Change Date Ranges and use Dynamic Filters when available

  • Hover your mouse over your data visualization to get additional information about your Widgets

  • Click on any Widget’s legend to choose the data you want to show or hide

  • In some cases, dive into Widgets with a simple point-and-click action (this works especially with Sunburst charts and multi-Dimension Donut charts)

  • Download the Report


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