This article will help you to:

  • Understand the User access rights options
  • Find out how to manage access rights

Reeport gives you full flexibility as to what Users may or may not access as well as to what extent.

User access rights overview

Each User can be granted various types of access rights, namely:

  • Share – Create, edit, delete and (de)activate a Broadcast.
  • Manage – Invite users to the given Organization and edit their access rights (note that you need an email address to invite a User).
  • Edit – Create, edit and delete a Report (and all its Components) under a given Folder or Organization.
  • View – View Reports under a given Folder or Organization (note that this is the default access right which applies to any User when invited).

A few examples

  • View + Share for Folder 1 = the User can view any Report and manage all Broadcasts for a given Folder.
  • View in Folder 1 + Edit in Folder 2 = the User can only view Reports under Folder 1 and create/edit/delete all Reports under Folder 2.
  • Manage for Organization = the User can view all Reports and invite Users to the Organization as well as manage their access rights.    
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