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Understand the inheritance principle
Understand the inheritance principle

This article will help you to understand Reeport's fundamental mecanism

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This article will help you to:

  • Understand the inheritance principle

  • Identify when the inheritance principle applies

  • Make use of the inheritance mechanism to save a lot of time!


Reeport relies on an inheritance mechanism. By applying a Data Source, a Date Range or an Advanced Condition to a Folder, all the sub-elements (Reports, Sections, Pages, Widgets, Metrics Sets, and Metrics) will be impacted. It is however possible to override or lock these settings at any level of the app.

In the example above, this means that if you set a Data Input for your Report, all the Widgets you create within the said Report would by default have the same Data Input. Likewise, by setting an Advanced Condition at the Widget level, all the child Metric Sets and Metrics would be impacted.

Identifying when the inheritance principle applies

You can easily see whether the Date Range or Data Source are the default set at the Report level when you see the blue “default” icon:

The red “custom” icon indicates a specific Date Range or Data Source set at the Section, Page, Widget, Metric Set or Metric levels:

The grey "inherited" icon indicates that the Date Range or Data Source are inherited from a level above:

It is the case even if the component (Section, Page, Widgets, etc) you are looking at is inheriting a Date Range or Data Source from the Report level:

Saving time thanks to the inheritance mechanism

Let’s take an example. If you create a monthly report where the Date Range is set to “Last Month”, it would also apply to all the Widgets under that Report. Say that you want to have the exact same report on a weekly basis -all you’d have to do is duplicate your monthly report and change the Date Range to “Last Week”. That way, you just created a weekly reports in 2 clicks where all the Widgets show data for “Last week”!

Now, if you want to create that same Report for your UK team, simply duplicate the Report and add an Advanced Condition sampling exclusively the UK data. All the Widgets would thus be updated with the UK data only. Again, you’ve just created a new Report in a matter of clicks!

Good to know

Note that you can always overwrite an inherited component.

Also, this principle exclusively applies to the Data Input (Date Range + Data Source) and Advanced Conditions.

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