This article will help you to:

  • Create user groups

  • Invite users to groups

  • Manage permissions

In addition to having users on your Organization you can assign users to groups for easier permission management. 

How to use a user group?

First, you need to create a group from the permission page (Admin > Manage permissions):

  1.  Click on "Create group"

  2. Name your group and click on “Save” to validate your changes.

  3. Invite users from the user list or by entering an email address. Note that by using an email address it will automatically add it to the Organization as a new user.

  4. Once all your users are added to the group click on “Done”.

About group permissions

  • Group permissions work just like user permissions. They can also be set at a Folder or Report level.

  • Group permissions have priority over user permissions

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