This article will help you to:

  • Set up a Dynamic Filter to create interactive dashboards
  • Interact with your dashboards using the Viewer mode   

Dynamic Filters are a great way to empower your Viewers to interact with data. Builders can prepare dynamic dashboards and let Viewers play with data based on pre-set filters (e.g., period of time, user type, device category, etc).

 To use Dynamic Filters click on the filter icon (A) located in the left-side tool-box on your Page, and update the Dynamic Filter box (B) on the right side-panel (C)

Dynamic Filters can be built on Custom Dimensions or from their API directly (to learn about Custom Dimensions please visit this article). Use the right-side panel to choose a Dimension and a sorting metric (1), and the scope of the filter (2). Indeed, your filter can be applicated at a page, or at a widget level.

Finally, switch to the Viewer mode to use your Dynamic Filter!

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