This article will help you to:

  • Understand the basics of Reeport

  • Get your first steps right in Reeport…

  • …and go all the way to broadcasting a Report

It’s recommended to have your Reeport account at hand while going through this article. To create an account please go here.

Once logged in, you should see this:

1. Add a Data Source

You need to connect at least one Data Source to retrieve data in your Report.

  1. Go to the Data Source section

  2. Click on “Create One” and follow the instructions

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If you need more details to add a Data Source, please visit the article Add a Data Source.

2. Set up your Report

Go to the Reports using the top nav bar and click on “Create your first report”

  1. Name your Report

  2. Set a default Data Source and Date Range

  3. Click on “Next step”

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If you need more details to set up your Report, please visit the article Create a Report.

3. Build your Report

  1. Once on the Report view (see below), you may add Sections and Pages, choose your Report format, add Filters and Segment.

  2. You can name your Sections and Pages and rearrange them with simple drag-and-drops.

  3. Creating a new Page will prompt you to the editing mode of the said Page.

4. Customize your Pages

  1. Once on a Page, you can add multiple Widgets using the toolbar located on the left.

  2. Use data Widgets (bar chart, area chart, line chart, etc) to visualize your data.

  3. Use design Widgets to add images, shapes or text.

  4. All the settings to edit your Widgets are available in the settings panel on the right.

  5. You can double-click on any data Widgets to proceed to the advanced settings.

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To learn more about Dimensions and Metrics, please visit the article Learn about dimensions and metrics.

5. Export your Report

  1. You can export your Report, a selection of Pages, or a single Widget in a specific format. To select multiple items, hold the Ctrl button (cmd button on Mac) and click on them.

  2. Click on the ‘Export’ button and choose a Format.

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If you need more information to export a Report, please visit the article Export a Report

6. Broadcast your Report

  1. Broadcast your Report to send your automatically updated Report through emails on a recurring basis (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).

  2. Click on the “Report broadcast” button, fill in the details and save your Broadcast.

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If you need more information about Broadcasts, please visit the article Broadcast a Report    



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