This article will help you to:

  • Create your first color palette

  • Apply color palettes


In Reeport, you can use color palettes to apply them to your widgets. You can modify the colors of each of your charts by applying the desired color palette.

Note: There are a number of pre-existing color palettes available in Reeport.

Create a color palette

  • Go to the Library section available in the top navbar.

  • Go to the "Color palettes" section.

  • Press the "New color palette" button.

  • Give a name to your palette (e.g. Blue and yellow shades, brand name...).

  • Choose the number of colors your palette will have. You can add colors by pressing the "+" button or remove colors by pressing the trashcan button.

  • Define the colors of your palette by pressing the arrow and moving the cursor on the desired color or by inputing directly the desired color code (e.g. #3456ED).

  • Hit "Save" to make your palette available across all your Organization.

Apply a color palette

Now that you have created your palette, you can apply it to all your charts. To do this, simply select a chart and click on "Style options" in the "Display" section.

Then press on the currently applied color palette and choose the one you want instead.

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