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Alerts in Reeport allow you to be notified directly by email of major changes in an indicator over time.

Alerts can be set up over several time periods, and on both absolute and relative changes.

Create an alert

Alerts are created from the Advanced mode of the Builder mode, at the level of a particular metric.

Setting up an alert

Once in the alert settings menu, you must fill in several fields:

1/ The name given to the alert, as it will appear in Reeport. Be explicit in the nomenclature!

2/ You can choose to activate or deactivate the alert at any time

3/ The list of recipients who will receive the alert emails if the thresholds are exceeded

4/ The potential frequency of the alert and the comparison period on which the alert will be based. There are several possible frequencies, with associated comparison periods for each:

  • Real Time - check every minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes or every hour.
  • Daily - vs. average of last 4 occurrences
  • Weekly - vs. previous week

5/ The condition for triggering the alert. Several options are possible:

  • is lower than (absolute value defined upstream)
  • is greater than (absolute value defined in advance)
  • decreases by more than (absolute value defined beforehand)
  • increases by more than (absolute value defined beforehand)
  • decreases by more than xx percent (relative value, definition of percentage upstream)
  • increases by more than xx percents (relative value, definition of the percentage upstream)

6/ The periods of operation of the alert, to make it active only during working hours, or weekends for example.

Once this is done, you can save your alert!

Manage your alerts

To find all your alerts set up, go to the "AI" tab, then to the "Alerting" section.

Thanks to alerts, be proactive in your performance optimization. It's up to you!

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