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Why monitoring the use of Reeport?

One of the main problems of all reporting is the total lack of visibility on the actual use and consultation of these reports. The numerous reports are usually sent out, but the creator never knows which format is preferred by the end-users, nor which reports are most consulted, nor which users are the most assiduous.

Reeport's adoption monitoring page aims to provide you with the answers to all these questions in order to maximize adoption and optimize the quality of your reports.

Where is the Reeport monitoring page?

In the Admin section at the top right of your screen, click on "Monitoring".

If you do not have the possibility to access the monitoring and you consider this unfair, do not hesitate to contact the administrator of your organization and ask him/her for "Manage" permission on the organization.

The different parts of the Monitoring page

The Monitoring page contains an "Activity" section and an "Organization Details" section.

1/ The number of Active Users on the platform, with evolution vs. the previous period, to see if global adoption is increasing.

2/ The main KPIs of Reeport with evolution vs. the previous period, mainly from a Builder perspective.

3/ The evolution in the rate of the main KPIs, to see the continuous increase in the use of Reeport to build reports.

4/ The possibility to modify the date of consultation of the figures, up to 3 months before.

Activity Session - Users & Top / Flops Visions

1/ Users by status: have all users completed their registration? If not, go to Admin > "Manage Permission", to see the users still "Pending".

2/ Users by permission: share and number of users with and without publishing rights.

3/ List of the most and least consumed reports: top and flops of the highest importance to verify the adoption of the reports.

4/ Top report creators and consumers: tops of the utmost importance to see who are the most diligent people in the solution

Note: the top reports and users can be used as filters (crossable) for the next section.

Activity Section - How to use Reeport

This part allows you to see how you can use Reeport, so that you can build or adapt your reports according to the preferred formats of your end users.

Note that you can use the tables just above to see the usage patterns of a particular report and/or a particular user.

You will find the following information:

1/ Viewer mode usage: number of unique views, number of unique reports viewed, number of unique Viewer users

2/ Broadcast performance: number of emails sent, number of emails opened, opening rate, number of active broadcasts, number of recipients

3/ Export statistics: number of exports, number of unique reports exported, number of unique users who exported

Organization Details Section

The Organization Details part offers a visual vision of how your organization is used:

1/ Clickable dynamic map of all the folders and reports of your organization.

2/ Statistics associated to the place on the map where you will have filtered the map.

3/ Possible filter on the map to look at only a part of the organization.

Do not hesitate to contact the Customer Success team if you have any questions!

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