This article will help you to:

  • Understand what the Library is

  • Understand the different volatiles in the Library

  • Create volatiles in the Library

Understanding the Library

In Reeport, the Library is the place that gathers the different volatiles that belong to your Organization: Date Ranges, Conditions, Custom Dimensions, Templates, Color Palettes, and Masters.

The Library can be accessed by clicking on "Library" in the main navigation bar.

Definition of a volatile

A volatile is an item that can be applied in multiple places in your Reports so that each change made to a volatile is applied to all places where this volatile exists.

The following items are volatiles:

  • Date Range

  • Condition

  • Custom Dimension

  • Template

  • Color Palette

  • Master

Consequently, if a Date Range used in 10 different Reports is modified, this modification will be immediately taken into account in the 10 Reports using it.

Creating a volatile

To create or view volatiles, go to the Library, then navigate to the appropriate tab:

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