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Create a "top" ranking on Reeport
Create a "top" ranking on Reeport

This article will help you to create a metric "top" on Reeport

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This article will help you to:

  • Create a "top" ranking

  • Reproduce a simple example


We call "top" a ranking head. This allows us to answer questions such as "which campaigns generate the most impressions".

Create a "top" on Reeport

You want to display a limited number of values of a metric to provide a ranking.

  • Create a widget

  • Choose the desired metric and dimension

  • Go to the "Data" tab, under "Dimension".

  • Under the "Limit" box, you can change the number of visible values and thus create your ranking according to your needs.

Note that the "Sort Column" function allows you to modify the reference column if you are working with a table with different metrics. For example, if you want to display the top 3 browsers in relation to the average connection time, you just have to select this metric so that the table is updated.

By default, Reeport displays the first 10 values of the metric in descending order.


Let's take the example of a top 3 of the most used browsers to access your website. We therefore choose "sessions" as the metric and "browser" as the dimension.

Display only the top 3 most used browsers in terms of sessions.

  • Select sessions as "Sorting metric".

  • Set the limit at 3

  • Check the "Sort down" box.

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