This article will help you to:

  • Understand what is available in the Admin section

  • Know your organization's usage limits (quotas, cache, security rules)

  • Monitor usage in your organization

  • Give administration rights according to the status of your users


Administrative settings are available from the Admin tab, located at the top right of your screen.

The Admin part consists of three sections :

  • Organization

  • Monitoring

  • Manage permission


The Organization section is divided into 3 main tabs:

  • Quotas

  • Security Policy

  • Organization settings


This tab allows you to get a clear view of your call quotas for the APIs you use as well as the data stored in your organization's cache.

  • Quota consumption by API

This part allows you to know the volume of queries your organization is allowed to make based on the APIs used in your organization.

Two types of quotas are available for some APIs only: "10 minutes" and "daily". These are the two frequencies at which quotas are reset to 0.

For example, on the Criteo API, this organization is allowed to make 300 calls every 10 minutes and is limited to 1000 calls per day.

If you consider that the quotas set for your organization are too low, please do not hesitate to contact your customer success manager or Reeport support.

  • Cache Usage

Caching is used to maximize the Reeport experience and optimize data loading between all users.

Here you will find all the information about the cached data volumes in your organization.

If you have some questions regarding Reeport cache, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager or Reeport support.

Security Policy

This tab allows you to add access security rules to your organization. To do this, Reeport allows you to limit access to the organization to one or more specific email domain name(s).

Reeport also allows you to set up specific rules for creating a password (obligation to have x special characters for example).

Contact your Customer Success Manager to set up these rules if needed.

Organization Settings

This tab allows you to change the avatar and the name of your organization.


This section allows you to track your organization's activity and usage. It consists of two tabs:

  • Activity

  • Organization details


This tab allows you to monitor the usage of your organization at different levels:

  • Report

  • Widget

  • Users

  • Data Sources

It enables also to find the following information:

  • Top and flop dashboards in terms of usage

  • Top active dashboard consumers

  • Top active dashboard creators

  • How each dashboard and each users use Reeport in terms of data consumption between Viewer Mode, Broadcast and Export.

The Monitoring section offers a unique opportuniy to monitor the adoption of your dashboards for each team!

Organization details

This tab allows you to view the mapping of your organization. You will find all the folders created as well as the reports that compose them.

Manage Permission

This section allows you to add and set access rights for users within the organization.

Attention, in this section, the principle of inheritance is also used: if you give access rights at the organization level then users will have access to all folders. If you give access rights at the folder level then users will only have access to the reports in that folder.

A detailed article on user access rights can be found here.

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