This article will help you to:

  • Apply conditional formatting in Scorecards and Table widgets

  • Highlight variations in your reports 


Conditional formatting applies to Scorecard and Table widgets. It is used to color a value based on a condition.

Apply conditional formatting

Once your Scorecard widget is selected and set up, use the advanced widget view. 

To do so, double-click on your widget or use the "Open widget advanced view" button.

Once in the advanced view of the widget, select the column on which you want to change the format. The column is then highlighted in green.

You can access conditional formatting from "Display > Conditional Formatting". Reeport then offers various options. 

Finally, note that you can also invert the colors in specific cases where an increase in variation would not be perceived as an positive signal, for instance in the case of a bounce rate.

To do this, use the "Reverse" box.

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