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  • Define when to use a Solid Gauge widget
  • Set up Solid Gauge widgets

When to use the Solid Gauge widget

The Solid Gauge widget is especially used to compare your performance against goals, budgets or fill rate. It allows you to have a clear visualization in relation to a defined objective.

How to set up the Solid Gauge widget

The Solid Gauge widget is available in the widget series on the left side of your page.

In the advanced widget view (double click on the wudget to access advanced view), the Solid Gauge widget consists of three columns to be filled in:

  • the minimum value
  • the current value
  • the maximum value (generally the objective to be achieved)

Note that the minimum value must be inferior versus the maximum value for the widget to work.

In the Display mode, the Solid Jauge widget has some specific options:

  • Choose the fill color
  • Choose the visual elements that will set up the rendering of the gauge according to your wishes

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