This article will help you to:

  • Understand the default size

  • Edit the widget size

About the default widget size

When you create a widget, it will appear in your report under Default size. The default size varies depending on the chosen widget.
E.g. If I create a Scorecard, the default size will be:

  • Width: 290 pixels

  • Height:  186 pixels

You can find the size of your widget in the under "Display" > "Position & Size".

Left and Top set the position of your widget in the report.
Width and Height will define its width and length respectively.

Edit the widget size

In order to change the size of your widget you have several options:

  • Use the "Position & Size" section.

  • Use the click-and-drag feature. 

The first option is simply to increase or decrease the value of the Widht and Height number to change the width and length of the Widget.

The second option requires a simple "click-and-drag" action on the widget's borders.

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