This article will help you to:

  • Create a bar chart widget with two dimensions
  • Using the breakdown dimension feature

The breakdown dimension comes in very handy to display concise information in bar and line charts.

Creating a bart chart with two dimensions

Start by selecting a bar chart from the list of widgets located on the left of your screen.

Once you have created your bar chart, select two dimensions and one metric in the Data section on the right side of your screen. For this example we have chosen the Age and Gender dimensions as well as the Impressions metric.

Using the breakdown dimension feature

After selecting your dimensions and metrics, you should have created a bar chart like the following.

We now want to group the Age and Gender dimensions together to make the graph easier to read and reduce visual noise. To do so, go to the Display > Advanced options section and tick the Breakdown dimension box.

We now see that we have two bars (one for male, one for female) for every age bracket.

To go even further, you can change the bar type to "Stack".

You have just created your bar chart using the breakdown dimension feature!

You can now modify it in several ways by going to the Data > Dimension section.

  • Invert dimensions.
  • Sort the values based on one of the dimensions or metrics.
  • Reduce or increase the number of dimensions by changing the limit (amount of dimension values).
  • Change the order of the columns in the chart by ticking the "Sort down" box.
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