This article will help you to:

  • Understand what a color palette is
  • Learn how to create your color palette
  • Learn how to apply your color palette to your widgets

What is a color palette?

A color palette is a full range of colors that can be displayed on your reports.

It can help you harmonize the colors across your report.

Create a color palette

To create your own color palette, you have to go to the Library, then:

  • Choose "Color Palettes" (1)
  • Hit "New color palette" (2)

At this point you are ready to design your color palette.

  • Choose a name for your color palette (1)
  • Choose your first color by clicking on the default blue button (2)
  • Add other colors (3)
  • Once your color palette is complete, click on "Create" on the bottom-right button (4)

Note: we recommend you to use tools such as to create beautiful palettes.

Select a color palette

Select the widget you want to change the color of and choose the color palette you have created:

  • Choose "Display" on the top-right panel (1)
  • Click on "Style Options" (2)
  • Click on the color palette (3) and select the one of your liking

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